Accidents In The News

Man Dead After Industrial Accident

A man died after a heavy piece of machinery fell on him. The man had worked in the plant for 20 years. The machine he was attempting to move weighed 11,500 pounds. When he was found, he was “obviously deceased.”

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A 58-year-old man died in an industrial accident when a piece of heavy machinery fell on him Monday morning in Fife, fire officials said.

According to Tacoma Fire officials, dispatchers received calls of an accident around 10:50 a.m. at the Gensco plant in the 4400 block of 20th Street E. in Fife.

When crews arrived on scene, they found a male worker who was “obviously deceased,” officials said.

Fife Police Department officials said it appeared a man was underneath a piece of heavy equipment when it fell over and crushed him. The employee, who had worked at the plant for more than 20 years, was moving the piece of machinery that weighs about 11,500 pounds with others when it fell on him. Continue reading…

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Jury Decides On Splash Mountain Accident

A man sued Disneyland for an injury he sustained on the popular ride Splash Mountain. He fell while trying to exit the ride when it became stuck. The jury on the case ruled that Disneyland was negligent, but that the accident was not a significant factor in the man’s back pain.

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Steven Wilson of Anaheim said in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles that he fell while trying to evacuate the Splash Mountain plume ride after it became stuck in March, 2010.

The lawsuit claimed that Disneyland employees overloaded the vehicle, causing it to be stuck midway through the ride, and then workers tried to unload the passengers without tying off the vehicle to keep it from moving.

Wilson, a former metal fabricator, asked for about $1.3 million to pay for past and future medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering, according to his attorney, Barry Novack.

The jury Friday found that Disneyland was negligent in the accident but that the fall was not a substantial cause of Wilson’s back injury, according to Novack. Continue reading…

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