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Celebrity Wants Dogs In Divorce

Melanie Griffith just filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas. The two celebrities have been married for 18 years, and their only child is just about to turn 18. Griffith, though, is hoping to get custody of the couple’s three dogs.


Read more from TMZ.com:

Melanie Griffith thinks she’s a better parent than Antonio Banderas — a dog parent, that is — and she’s dead set on getting custody of their three dogs in the divorce … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Griffith filed for divorce on June 6 after 18 years of marriage to Banderas.

Child custody won’t be an issue — their daughter turns 18 in September — but sources close to Griffith tell TMZ she is angling for custody of their three dogs. The former couple has one terrier mix and two shepherd lab mixes they adopted last February. Continue reading…

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Actors Fight For Custody In Divorce

Zoe McLellan just landed the lead role in “NCIS: New Orleans.” Her husband just filed for divorce and is asking for custody of their child. McLellan says this is a calculated move in order to receive child support from her.


Read more from TMZ.com:

Zoe McClellan says she just learned a hard lesson about success … sometimes your ex will come after you with a vengeance, especially when money is on the line.

Zoe just signed on as the new star of “NCIS: New Orleans.”  According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — she’ll be raking in $45K an episode.

Zoe’s hubby, J.P. Gillain — a struggling actor — just filed for divorce, and she doesn’t think it’s coincidental.  J.P. is asking for joint custody, and she suggests a motivating factor is that he wants child support.

Zoe is also incredulous … because she goes on and on in the docs saying J.P. has never been a hands-on dad, to the point where he doesn’t know how to put their 18-month-old Sebastian to sleep. Continue reading…

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Kids’ Questions About Divorce

The questions that children ask about divorce can be very heartbreaking. It’s something that you never want your children to face, but what do you do when that is no longer an option? And how do you answer their very poignant questions when you are struggling through it yourself?


Read more from The Huffington Post:

There are few parenting moments more difficult than having to answer your kids’ questions about the divorce.

No matter how much you prepared yourself for their inevitable confusion, those moments still manage to catch you off guard. How are you supposed to help them wrap their heads around life after divorce when you’re still struggling to get a handle on it yourself?

HuffPost Divorce readers have experienced this firsthand. On Tuesday, our readers on Facebook and Twitter shared with us the questions from their kids they struggled to answer post-split. Continue reading…

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Using Bitcoin To Hide Assets In Divorce

There are a variety of ways to hide your assets when going through a divorce. The most recent and most high-tech way involves using bitcoin. It’s important to know about these methods to protect yourself from a less that honest soon-to-be ex-spouse.


Read more from dailyfinance.com:

I recently wrote an article about how to hide assets from your spouse during a divorce, but those gimmicks were so 2014. (Oh wait, it’s still 2014.) In any case, there is a high-tech way to hide assets that I didn’t mention earlier. But neither this article nor that one are “how to” columns. Rather, they are pleas for you to make sure your spouse (or your soon-to-be ex) isn’t engaged in financial trickery. I have seen all too often cases in which one spouse is less than forthright about disclosing income and assets.

The newest high-tech way to hide assets in a divorce is by using Bitcoin, a digital currency that doesn’t depend on banks or governments, and allows its holders to remain anonymous. I haven’t seen people using Bitcoins to conceal assets yet in my divorce financial planning practice, but I fear I will soon. Continue reading…

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