Accidents In The News

Man Dead After Industrial Accident

A man died after a heavy piece of machinery fell on him. The man had worked in the plant for 20 years. The machine he was attempting to move weighed 11,500 pounds. When he was found, he was “obviously deceased.”

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A 58-year-old man died in an industrial accident when a piece of heavy machinery fell on him Monday morning in Fife, fire officials said.

According to Tacoma Fire officials, dispatchers received calls of an accident around 10:50 a.m. at the Gensco plant in the 4400 block of 20th Street E. in Fife.

When crews arrived on scene, they found a male worker who was “obviously deceased,” officials said.

Fife Police Department officials said it appeared a man was underneath a piece of heavy equipment when it fell over and crushed him. The employee, who had worked at the plant for more than 20 years, was moving the piece of machinery that weighs about 11,500 pounds with others when it fell on him. Continue reading…

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Jury Decides On Splash Mountain Accident

A man sued Disneyland for an injury he sustained on the popular ride Splash Mountain. He fell while trying to exit the ride when it became stuck. The jury on the case ruled that Disneyland was negligent, but that the accident was not a significant factor in the man’s back pain.

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Steven Wilson of Anaheim said in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles that he fell while trying to evacuate the Splash Mountain plume ride after it became stuck in March, 2010.

The lawsuit claimed that Disneyland employees overloaded the vehicle, causing it to be stuck midway through the ride, and then workers tried to unload the passengers without tying off the vehicle to keep it from moving.

Wilson, a former metal fabricator, asked for about $1.3 million to pay for past and future medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering, according to his attorney, Barry Novack.

The jury Friday found that Disneyland was negligent in the accident but that the fall was not a substantial cause of Wilson’s back injury, according to Novack. Continue reading…

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Star Center’s Foot Injury Jeopardizes NBA Draft

Joel Embiid played center for Kansas’s basketball team. His impressive stats had him standing at the front of the NBA draft line. But now he has fractured his right foot, which may negatively impact if/when he is selected by a professional team.

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Kansas center Joel Embiid is scheduled to have surgery Friday to repair a stress fracture in his right foot, a stunning development that could affect the top choices in next week’s N.B.A. draft.

Embiid, one of the top three candidates the Cleveland Cavaliers were considering for the No. 1 overall pick, fractured the navicular bone in his right foot, his agent, Arn Tellem, said Thursday. Embiid will be unable to participate in any additional workouts and will not attend the draft in New York.

Before the injury, Embiid, a versatile 7-footer, was widely considered to be the front-runner to be taken by the Cavaliers. He had a jaw-dropping freshman season with the Jayhawks, averaging 11.2 points and 8.1 rebounds while blocking 72 shots to earn Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year honors. Continue reading…

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Pest Concerns Making News


Solving Pest Problems

Work can be an ugly word, but looking at it as problem solving may make it more appealing. That is how one pest expert looks at his work. While he doesn’t enjoy plants being destroyed, he finds great satisfaction in saving them.

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Work is an activity that many of us try to avoid at all cost. If you look at work as a means of problem solving through physical activity or mental effort, you might have more appreciation of your sweat. I mean I would rather solve problems than work. I just feel better about myself being a problem solver than a laborer.

With this philosophy I get a secret enjoyment when glitches occur at work, because problems mean job security. That means in horticulture and gardening when pests occur such as insects, disease, and weeds people will talk with me to solve these problems. So horticulture is like the medical field in the fact that doctors that see their financial bottom line increase as illness increases. If I were a dentist I would make sure that candy and pop companies stayed in business in order to ensure cavity occurrence. Continue reading…

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New Mosquito-borne Illness Concerns Pest Officials

Chikungunya is the newest mosquito-borne illness to make its way to the United States. It appears to have made its way here with travelers from the Caribbean. This disease is very painful and begins with severe joint pain and fever.

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A painful, mosquito-borne viral illness has surfaced across the United States, carried by recent travelers to the Caribbean where the virus is raging.

Chikungunya, a viral infection transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes, originated in southeast Africa and was first described in Tanzania in 1952. Subsequently, it has spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa and has become well established in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and islands of the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

But it all changed in 2013, when health experts found that sustained transmission of the chikungunya virus had occurred in the Caribbean, meaning people on the islands were starting to become infected by local mosquitos.  Now the virus is widespread, with up to 17 different countries in the Caribbean reporting cases of the disease. Continue reading…

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How To Deal With Pests In The Grocery Business

Pest control is a major concern to grocery store owners. Pest infestations can be the ruin of a business. The best way to protect your supermarket is to understand what draws pests in: food, water, and shelter.

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Pests need three things to survive: food, water and shelter. A well-stocked supermarket contains an overabundance of all three. Due to the large size of stores, intense activity from shoppers, regular food delivery, and after-hours stocking and inventory, pests have ample opportunities to find their way into stores, contaminating food and putting the supermarket’s reputation at risk.

The most common pests found in supermarkets are German cockroaches, mice, flies, a variety of stored product pests and birds. Each of these brings a number of health and property risks. Pest infestations in supermarkets most often occur in the deli sections, bakeries, meat departments, under shelves, loose foods bins, produce sections, employee break areas, loading docks and dumpster and trash areas. Continue reading…

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Preventing Pests This Summer

With the warmer weather comes an influx of pests. The season starts small, with gnats and strawberry flies. But the bugs get bigger the hotter it gets, going from greenhead flies, to black flies, to mosquitos.

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Anyone who has spent any time outdoors has likely encountered some form of insect or Insecta, the scientific name for what we commonly call bugs. It seems as though we have an ongoing rotation of certain species of insects. Let’s review some of them.

Here is my disclaimer. This is only an overview and not a comprehensive list.

Let’s begin with the latest annoying ones. Typically in May and June the gnats or no-see-ums are most prominent. The no-see-um name connotates that we don’t see them; however, we certainly feel them! Everywhere! Merriam-Webster defines no-see-um as a biting midge. The name supposedly originated by the American Indians in 1842. These “midges” cause the most even-tempered of individuals to exclaim harshly “the bugs are awful” or “the bugs are driving me crazy!” You get the point. Continue reading…

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Divorce News

Celebrity Wants Dogs In Divorce

Melanie Griffith just filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas. The two celebrities have been married for 18 years, and their only child is just about to turn 18. Griffith, though, is hoping to get custody of the couple’s three dogs.

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Melanie Griffith thinks she’s a better parent than Antonio Banderas — a dog parent, that is — and she’s dead set on getting custody of their three dogs in the divorce … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Griffith filed for divorce on June 6 after 18 years of marriage to Banderas.

Child custody won’t be an issue — their daughter turns 18 in September — but sources close to Griffith tell TMZ she is angling for custody of their three dogs. The former couple has one terrier mix and two shepherd lab mixes they adopted last February. Continue reading…

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Actors Fight For Custody In Divorce

Zoe McLellan just landed the lead role in “NCIS: New Orleans.” Her husband just filed for divorce and is asking for custody of their child. McLellan says this is a calculated move in order to receive child support from her.

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Zoe McClellan says she just learned a hard lesson about success … sometimes your ex will come after you with a vengeance, especially when money is on the line.

Zoe just signed on as the new star of “NCIS: New Orleans.”  According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — she’ll be raking in $45K an episode.

Zoe’s hubby, J.P. Gillain — a struggling actor — just filed for divorce, and she doesn’t think it’s coincidental.  J.P. is asking for joint custody, and she suggests a motivating factor is that he wants child support.

Zoe is also incredulous … because she goes on and on in the docs saying J.P. has never been a hands-on dad, to the point where he doesn’t know how to put their 18-month-old Sebastian to sleep. Continue reading…

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Kids’ Questions About Divorce

The questions that children ask about divorce can be very heartbreaking. It’s something that you never want your children to face, but what do you do when that is no longer an option? And how do you answer their very poignant questions when you are struggling through it yourself?

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There are few parenting moments more difficult than having to answer your kids’ questions about the divorce.

No matter how much you prepared yourself for their inevitable confusion, those moments still manage to catch you off guard. How are you supposed to help them wrap their heads around life after divorce when you’re still struggling to get a handle on it yourself?

HuffPost Divorce readers have experienced this firsthand. On Tuesday, our readers on Facebook and Twitter shared with us the questions from their kids they struggled to answer post-split. Continue reading…

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Using Bitcoin To Hide Assets In Divorce

There are a variety of ways to hide your assets when going through a divorce. The most recent and most high-tech way involves using bitcoin. It’s important to know about these methods to protect yourself from a less that honest soon-to-be ex-spouse.

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I recently wrote an article about how to hide assets from your spouse during a divorce, but those gimmicks were so 2014. (Oh wait, it’s still 2014.) In any case, there is a high-tech way to hide assets that I didn’t mention earlier. But neither this article nor that one are “how to” columns. Rather, they are pleas for you to make sure your spouse (or your soon-to-be ex) isn’t engaged in financial trickery. I have seen all too often cases in which one spouse is less than forthright about disclosing income and assets.

The newest high-tech way to hide assets in a divorce is by using Bitcoin, a digital currency that doesn’t depend on banks or governments, and allows its holders to remain anonymous. I haven’t seen people using Bitcoins to conceal assets yet in my divorce financial planning practice, but I fear I will soon. Continue reading…

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Medicare Phone System Used In Scam

A woman reported that scammers called her from the Medicare phone system. They tried to sell her pain cream. She did not fall victim to the scam, but she is upset that whoever is behind it is targeting senior citizens.

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A woman says scammers hacked into the Medicare automated phone system and tried to sell her pain cream.

Donna Hall, who lives near Franklin, says she received a call from a number used by Medicare.

When she answered the phone, the person on the other line wanted to know if she was interested in the cream. She hung up, called the number back, and it was actually the Medicare center.

Medicare says they never make calls like that and she was told to report it to the Federal Trade Commission as a scam. Continue reading…

Pest Control Methods In The News

Slimy Pests Attacking Grain Crops

Slugs are causing serious damage to grain crops in Australia. In fact, many grain farmers are having to re-sow their crops as a result. This pest problem may require Australian farmers to rethink the way their maintain their crops.

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As producers become better at conserving water they’re creating a paradise for slug species and many farmers have been forced to re-sow crops despite multiple baiting attempts.

Earlier this year, the Grains Research and Development Corporation invested $1.3 million for research into better slug and snail management methods.

South Australian Research Institute (SARDI) is undertaking the work and entomologist Dr Michael Nash warns baiting alone will do little in the long term.

“I upset a lot of no-till farmers when I say, you need some sort of cultivation and rolling in your farming system as well [as baiting] and some burning,” Dr Nash says. Continue reading…

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Alternatives to chemical pest control include horticultural oils and soaps. These are safe for both users and beneficial insects. Pests are also incapable of building up immunity to these types of eco-friendly methods.

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Horticultural oils and soaps will control egg, immature and adult stages of soft-bodied pests such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mites and scales. Bt products are used to control caterpillars.
Horticultural oil is formulated with an emulsifier that allows it to be mixed with water. Oil-based products kill insects on contact by disrupting respiration, cell membrane function or structure.
Horticultural oils are classified as dormant oils, summer oils or superior oils. Dormant oils are the heaviest of the horticultural oils and are formulated for use on dormant plants. Apply these oils during dormancy but before plants begin spring growth. Do not use dormant oils during the growing season unless the label specifically states that such use is safe. Summer oils are lighter than dormant oils and are formulated for use during spring and summer. Continue reading…

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The Latest In Bankruptcy Information

Bankruptcy Case Gets Ruling From Supreme Court

Anna Nicole Smith’s bankruptcy set a number of precedents in bankruptcy law. Now the U.S. Supreme Court jhas ruled on a similar case, deciding in favor of the federal bankruptcy judges. This ruling is in conjunction with similar decisions made in 2011.

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At the heart of the matter is the different status of bankruptcy versus district judges.

While both preside over federal courts, bankruptcy judges aren’t so-called Article III judges who are confirmed by the Senate and serve for life. Instead, bankruptcy judges are appointed by federal appeals court judges and serve 14-year terms. This inferior status is what caused the Supreme Court to rule, in 2011, that bankruptcy courts didn’t have the constitutional authority to issue final rulings on certain legal claims.

In an opinion delivered by Judge Clarence Thomas, the court said the bankruptcy court may propose a ruling for review and final judgment by the district court.

In an opinion delivered by Judge Clarence Thomas, which affirmed the lower courts’ rulings, the court said the bankruptcy court may propose a ruling for review and final judgment by the district court. Continue reading…

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Which IRAs Are NOT Protected In Bankruptcy?

The Supreme Court just clarified when an IRA is and is not protected in bankruptcy. if the IRA was established as part of an individual’s retirement assets, it is protected. If it was inherited from another, however, it is not.

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For individuals, the ruling means that they should rethink any asset protection plans they have in place, says Ray Ferrara, a financial planner in Clearwater, Fla. “You need to think about withdrawing the funds, paying the taxes and putting the money into other vehicles that might be protected in bankruptcy,” he says.

Those investments have to be compatible with your overall financial goals, Ferrara says. An annuity would be protected in bankruptcy, but having an inherited IRA isn’t a reason in and of itself to buy an annuity. Another suggestion: You could give the money to children or invest in a 529 college savings plan to keep the money in the family.

The 2005 case, Clark v. Rameker, was a dispute over the bankruptcy of a pizza-shop owner in Soughton, Wis. Continue reading…

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