Interesting News About Teeth

Using Layers To Regrow Damaged Teeth

Typically, when a person damages a tooth, their dentist uses a crown or filling to repair it. New laser technology, however, may change that. Sometime in the near future, dentists may be able to point a laser at a damaged tooth, encouraging it to regrow on its own.

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When you damage a tooth, your dentist usually uses a filling or a crown to patch it up. But eventually, researchers say that your dentist might just point a laser at it, encouraging the tooth to regrow on its own. While it’s no surprise that light causes reactions in the human body, some researchers have been trying to determine whether specific wavelengths of light might be able to trigger specific healing properties when focused on a certain area of the body. In this case, the researchers pointed an infrared laser at a hole drilled into a rat’s tooth and found that it encouraged dentin — the material that makes up a tooth’s core — to grow back more than it otherwise would have.

“IT WOULD BE A SUBSTANTIAL ADVANCE IN THE FIELD.” The research was led from Harvard’s Wyss Institute and is being published today in Science Translational Medicine. “Lasers are routinely used in medicine and dentistry, so the barriers to clinical translation are low,” David Mooney, the research team’s leader, says in a statement. “It would be a substantial advance in the field if we can regenerate teeth rather than replace them.” Continue reading…

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Food That’s Healthy For Your Body, But Not For Your Teeth

While some foods are proven to be good for your heart and immune system, they may prove problematic for your teeth. Citrus can erode enamel, for instance. And whole almonds can break teeth, so eating sliced ones may be a safer alternative.

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According to dental Dr. Jeff Dalin, citrus foods and drinks can erode enamel for good. He recommends chasing a glass of juice with a big glass of water. He also said that citric acid can leave enamel soft immediately after ingestion. So, he advised that people brush their teeth 20 minutes later.

He also said whole almonds can cause tooth fractures. A simple fix is to switch to the sliced variety.

Dr. Dalin also said pickled foods can break down minerals necessary for strong teeth. He said eating cheese can help get rid of those chemicals used in the pickling process. Continue reading…

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Ancient False Teeth Discovered

Archaeologists have uncovered what may be evidence of the very oldest false teeth in the world. The teeth appear to belong to a woman from the Iron Age. The iron pin that would have held the false tooth in place could be as old as 2,800 years.

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The dental implants are believed to be 2,800 years old and the findings have been published in the scholarly journal Antiquity.

“The skeleton was very badly preserved,” Guillaume Seguin, who excavated the young woman’s skeleton said.

“But the teeth were in an anatomical position, with the molars, pre-molars, canines and incisors. Then there was this piece of metal. My first reaction was: what is this?”

The teeth were bagged and taken away for a closer look.

Mr Seguin later realised that the woman had 31 rather than 32 teeth, and photos taken at the excavation site show the iron pin in the place where the missing tooth would have been. Continue reading…

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Dental Coverage and Obamacare

With the institution of the Affordable Care Act, the way many Americans care for their teeth is changing. Most people only visit the dentist in emergencies, while others only want to get work done that is covered by insurance. With dental coverage, however, there are only two options: you have it, or you pay for services out of your own pocket.

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First of all, there is no such item as dental insurance only dental benefits which act as a coupon. There are basically two kinds of dental benefits – on a plan or fee for service.

If you are “on a plan,” your company will have a list of dentists who signed a contract to give deeply discounted dental rates. These discounts range from 30 to 40 percent with no or limited copay to the patient.

If you have a fee for service, dentists charge their standard fee, file your insurance and usually estimate your copay. All plans have their negative and positive issues.

If, for whatever reason, insurance is your driving motivation, research is still the first step in finding a dentist who is right for you.

It is absolutely in the best interest of patient and doctor if you are very upfront and express your views if you are only interested in what insurance will pay. Continue reading…

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