Divorce Headlines In The News

Man’s Divorce Asset Claim Denied After Wife Commits Suicide

A couple was in the middle of divorce proceedings when the wife overdosed on drugs in an apparent suicide. A year later, the man was still fighting for rights to her life insurance money. Before she died, the woman had changed the beneficiaries on her policy to her daughters, and if something happened to them, to her boyfriend.


Read more from The New York Post:

A Yonkers man tried to keep his matrimonial case going after his estranged wife took her own life — when he discovered she had dumped him as a beneficiary on her retirement account and life-insurance policies two months earlier.

Teacher and naval reservist Aleida Veronica Bordas filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, fellow teacher David Bordas, in September 2012 citing an “irretrievable breakdown of their relationship,” according to court papers.

Aleida, 38, committed suicide the following April, taking a lethal drug cocktail, according to the Westchester County medical examiner’s office. Continue reading…

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Dating A Divorced Man

Avoiding dating a man because he’s divorced doesn’t hold much weight, if you think about it. We all carry around the baggage from past experiences and failed relationships. The fact that he has already seriously committed himself to another person should actually be a positive thing.


Read more from The Huffington Post:

Dating after divorce is tricky. If you haven’t been divorced yourself, you might worry that dating a someone who has means dating someone with baggage. Well newsflash — we’ve all got baggage, that’s just part of being human. If you’ve gone through a split yourself, you might worry that you both have been too badly burned before to give love the second shot it so rightly deserves.

It’s natural to be full of trepidation. But when you really look at it, dating a divorced man is in many respects an easier and better experience in the long run than dating a single guy who has never tied the knot before.

While it’s true that dating is rife with challenges no matter which way you slice it, spending time with one of these fellas actually has a lot of benefits. We spoke to a relationship expert and came up with a list of why dating a divorced man is one of the best things you can do to help your love life. Continue reading…

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Socialite Divorce Getting Uglier

Whitney St. John and James Fairchild were once a happy couple living it up in the Hamptons. Now they are divorced and still haggling over dividing up their joint property. The judge ordered an auction of their property as a result, and now they are both accusing each other of hiding assets from the court.


Read more from pagesix.com:

St. John and Fairchild’s possessions were sold over the weekend in a high-end Estates NY tag sale at their Bridgehampton marital home, which raked in $350,000 on its first day, sources said. The Memorial Day weekend sale included more than 200 paintings plus cars, minks and furniture, and was ordered after the couple couldn’t agree on dividing up their possessions.

But St. John, who objected to the court-ordered sale, is being accused of holding back baubles valued at up to $300,000 retail, and Fairchild could seek to hold her in contempt.

“Whitney refused to hand over the jewelry for the sale,” a source sniffed, adding the sale would’ve reached $750,000 if it had included the jewelry. Continue reading…

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Billion Dollar Divorce Costs Russian Man Even More

A Russian billionaire and his wife divorced. His lawyers rejected a deal that would have settled the divorce for $1 billion. Now the woman has been granted over $4 billion by the divorce cut judge.


Read more from the New York Daily News:

The “fertilizer king” stepped in it big time.

Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev – who was just slapped with a record $4.8 billion divorce judgment – reneged on a deal to settle the case for a relatively-measly $1 billion last year, the Daily News has learned.

Lawyers for the fertilizer magnate and his beautiful blonde spouse Elena Rybolovleva, both 47, had worked out an agreement to end their high-stakes divorce case for a cool $1 billion last May, but the deal was scuttled when Rybolovlev’s moneymen said he couldn’t come up with the cash, documents show. Continue reading…

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