Interesting News In Dentistry

Dentist In Connecticut Has License Suspended

A Connecticut dentist has had his license suspended after a woman in his care died. She was having 20 teeth extracted when she became unresponsive, and now his actions are being called into question. The dentist, however, asserts he did everything he could for the woman.

Read more from a local ABC News affiliate:

Conn. officials have suspended the license of an Enfield dentist after the death of a patient who was having 20 teeth extracted.

Dr. Rashmi Patel, who has offices in Torrington and Enfield, faces a June 18 hearing before the Connecticut State Dental Commission.

The state alleges Patel’s actions on February 17 led to the death of a 64-year-old female patient.

A report indicates that the patient was in the office to have several teeth extracted, bone grafting, and implants put in when she became unresponsive.

After CPR was administered at the office, the woman was taken to Baystate Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Continue reading…

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Dentist Moonlights As Equestrian Gymnast

A dentist in Edinburgh, Scotland has a very interesting hobby outside of work. The 25-year-old works on teeth four days a week, then spends the rest of her time doing gymnastics atop a horse.  She has already won two titles at the World Equestrian Games and is the favorite for this year’s tournament.

Read more from CNN:

Take one dentist, a catsuit, a horse and a barrel, and you have a world champion.

Four days a week, 25-year-old Joanne Eccles examines teeth in Kinross, north of Edinburgh. She spends the rest of her time clad in spandex, performing gymnastics on a horse.

Her sport? Vaulting.

The British rider is the favorite for August’s World Equestrian Games, having won world titles in 2010 and 2012.

“I’ve been vaulting since I was eight. After that, everything had to fit around it,” she says.

“I’m maybe not quite so enthusiastic about being a dentist, but I can earn a living and still get the most out of my vaulting.” Continue reading…

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IOC Reports Many Athletes With Dental Problems

The International Olympic Committee recently revealed that, despite their overall exceptional health, Olympic athletes often suffer from serious dental trouble.  Some reasons for these athletes’ poor dental hygiene have to do with their extreme training. Other reasons are financial – if they can make it to the Games, their care will be free.

Read more from

So why athletes? Why would people who pay so much attention to their bodies suffer the most from dental hygiene issues? Piccininni cites a laundry list of factors in Olympians’ daily regimens that are harming their teeth and gums.

Energy drinks, gels and bars—staples in the diets of endurance athletes—are among some of the chief culprits Piccininni counts as detrimental to gums and teeth. Sugary and acidic sports drinks are harmful and can accelerate tooth decay. Even sweating can cause dental problems, as dehydration slows the production of saliva, which aids in the regeneration of tooth enamel.

Part of the problem might also athletes’ financial situations. Continue reading…

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Dentist Paying Restitution For Fraud

A dentist in Beverly Hills was charged with insurance fraud and failure to pay taxes. He has since paid $786,000 in restitution. He pled no contest to charges that included filing false claims for emergency dental procedures that never took place.

Read more from the Los Angeles Times:

Kalili, 59, was arrested in May 2012 after a multi-year investigation by the state Department of Insurance, the Dental Board and the California Franchise Tax Board. He owned Beverly Hills Medical Suites.

Investigators accused him of submitting claims for services not rendered, mainly involving emergency dental procedures.

Kalili pleaded no contest and was sentenced to one year in Los Angeles County jail and five years of probation.

“This case is a significant success in our fight against healthcare fraud,” Jones said in a statement. “Not only is there one less bad actor on the streets, but those who were owed restitution received it.” Continue reading…

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