Criminal Charges In The News

College Dropout Charged For Making Bomb Threats

A former student at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut is being charged with first degree threatening and falsely reporting an incident. She dropped out of school, but did not tell her mother. When her mother showed up to graduation, the student called in a bomb threat in an attempt to keep her mother from learning the truth.

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Hamden police said Shea left the college this year because of financial issues, including an unpaid tuition balance, but her mother continued to pay thousands of dollars she thought was for her daughter’s education.

“She was living off-campus. Her mother thought she was going to school,” Hamden police Capt. Ronald Smith said.

On graduation day, Shea’s mother tried to obtain a ticket for a ramp where relatives could take photographs of the graduates, but the registrar’s office told her Shea was not enrolled. Shea overheard the conversation, then stepped away and allegedly called in the firstbomb threat to try to cancel the ceremony, Smith said. Continue reading…

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Two High School Students Facing Criminal Charges

Two students from Weimer High School in Texas are being charged with aggravated robbery and burglary. The two boys allegedly tried to hold up a rest home with a BB gun. One of the students is the school’s football team’s quarterback.

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Juwan Lidell Almeida, 17, is charged with aggravated robbery and burglary. According to charging documents, Almeida went to the Parkview Manor Nursing home at 2 a.m. Friday armed with an Airsoft pistol and ordered employees to open the safe.

Before that could happen, a Weimar police patrol car pulled up to the home and Almeida allegedly fled. But investigators say he returned later that morning and told employees he was there to move the safe. He was arrested by Weimar police and Texas Rangers a short time later.

About an hour before the robbery attempt, Almeida allegedly burglarized a Texaco Station at 400 W. Main St in Weimar. About $25 in change was taken. Investigators say Almeida was driven to the service station by classmate Clemente Jose Mantica. He is charged in that burglary, and three others, including a break-in at Weimar High School the night before. Continue reading…

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Man Charged With Ongoing Criminal Conduct

A man from Clear Lake is being accused of stealing over $14,000 from a disabled man. He has been charged with ongoing criminal conduct, but has had several other charges dropped due to a plea bargain. He will serve five years probation and had his 25-year prison sentence suspended.

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He is to reside to Beje Clark Residential Center until maximum benefits are achieved, according to court records. Epsteen is to remain at the Cerro Gordo County Jail until bed space is available at Beje Clark.

Charges of first-degree theft, third-degree theft, unauthorized use of credit cards and a second count of ongoing criminal conduct were dismissed under a plea bargain.

That second count of ongoing criminal conduct, as well as the charges of third-degree theft and unauthorized use of credit cards, were filed in connection with the unauthorized use of a woman’s credit card. Continue reading…

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D.A.’s Arrest Leads To Criminal Investigation of Governor 

A district attorney in Texas was arrested for driving while intoxicated. She was given a plea deal, which she failed to keep. Governor Rick Perry got involved to help her, and now he is being investigated.

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Because Lehmberg (D) remained in her job, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) used his line-item veto authority to zero out appropriations for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit, a watchdog that investigates criminal activity in state government, including the governor’s office. Lehmberg, as district attorney, oversees that office.

“The person charged with ultimate responsibility of that unit has lost the public’s confidence,” Perry explained.  Yet as detailed in this Wall Street Journal report, some believe Perry’s move was illegal.  Texans for Public Justice claims Perry’s threat to veto the funds amounted to illegal coercion and bribery of a government official, and last month a grand jury was  impaneled to investigate the Governor’s actions.  Another report suggests some of Perry’s staff sought to pressure Lehmberg to resign and may have offered her a job if she would step aside. Continue reading…

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