Interesting News About Teeth

Using Layers To Regrow Damaged Teeth

Typically, when a person damages a tooth, their dentist uses a crown or filling to repair it. New laser technology, however, may change that. Sometime in the near future, dentists may be able to point a laser at a damaged tooth, encouraging it to regrow on its own.

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When you damage a tooth, your dentist usually uses a filling or a crown to patch it up. But eventually, researchers say that your dentist might just point a laser at it, encouraging the tooth to regrow on its own. While it’s no surprise that light causes reactions in the human body, some researchers have been trying to determine whether specific wavelengths of light might be able to trigger specific healing properties when focused on a certain area of the body. In this case, the researchers pointed an infrared laser at a hole drilled into a rat’s tooth and found that it encouraged dentin — the material that makes up a tooth’s core — to grow back more than it otherwise would have.

“IT WOULD BE A SUBSTANTIAL ADVANCE IN THE FIELD.” The research was led from Harvard’s Wyss Institute and is being published today in Science Translational Medicine. “Lasers are routinely used in medicine and dentistry, so the barriers to clinical translation are low,” David Mooney, the research team’s leader, says in a statement. “It would be a substantial advance in the field if we can regenerate teeth rather than replace them.” Continue reading…

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Food That’s Healthy For Your Body, But Not For Your Teeth

While some foods are proven to be good for your heart and immune system, they may prove problematic for your teeth. Citrus can erode enamel, for instance. And whole almonds can break teeth, so eating sliced ones may be a safer alternative.

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According to dental Dr. Jeff Dalin, citrus foods and drinks can erode enamel for good. He recommends chasing a glass of juice with a big glass of water. He also said that citric acid can leave enamel soft immediately after ingestion. So, he advised that people brush their teeth 20 minutes later.

He also said whole almonds can cause tooth fractures. A simple fix is to switch to the sliced variety.

Dr. Dalin also said pickled foods can break down minerals necessary for strong teeth. He said eating cheese can help get rid of those chemicals used in the pickling process. Continue reading…

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Ancient False Teeth Discovered

Archaeologists have uncovered what may be evidence of the very oldest false teeth in the world. The teeth appear to belong to a woman from the Iron Age. The iron pin that would have held the false tooth in place could be as old as 2,800 years.

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The dental implants are believed to be 2,800 years old and the findings have been published in the scholarly journal Antiquity.

“The skeleton was very badly preserved,” Guillaume Seguin, who excavated the young woman’s skeleton said.

“But the teeth were in an anatomical position, with the molars, pre-molars, canines and incisors. Then there was this piece of metal. My first reaction was: what is this?”

The teeth were bagged and taken away for a closer look.

Mr Seguin later realised that the woman had 31 rather than 32 teeth, and photos taken at the excavation site show the iron pin in the place where the missing tooth would have been. Continue reading…

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Dental Coverage and Obamacare

With the institution of the Affordable Care Act, the way many Americans care for their teeth is changing. Most people only visit the dentist in emergencies, while others only want to get work done that is covered by insurance. With dental coverage, however, there are only two options: you have it, or you pay for services out of your own pocket.

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First of all, there is no such item as dental insurance only dental benefits which act as a coupon. There are basically two kinds of dental benefits – on a plan or fee for service.

If you are “on a plan,” your company will have a list of dentists who signed a contract to give deeply discounted dental rates. These discounts range from 30 to 40 percent with no or limited copay to the patient.

If you have a fee for service, dentists charge their standard fee, file your insurance and usually estimate your copay. All plans have their negative and positive issues.

If, for whatever reason, insurance is your driving motivation, research is still the first step in finding a dentist who is right for you.

It is absolutely in the best interest of patient and doctor if you are very upfront and express your views if you are only interested in what insurance will pay. Continue reading…

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Divorce Headlines In The News

Man’s Divorce Asset Claim Denied After Wife Commits Suicide

A couple was in the middle of divorce proceedings when the wife overdosed on drugs in an apparent suicide. A year later, the man was still fighting for rights to her life insurance money. Before she died, the woman had changed the beneficiaries on her policy to her daughters, and if something happened to them, to her boyfriend.

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A Yonkers man tried to keep his matrimonial case going after his estranged wife took her own life — when he discovered she had dumped him as a beneficiary on her retirement account and life-insurance policies two months earlier.

Teacher and naval reservist Aleida Veronica Bordas filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, fellow teacher David Bordas, in September 2012 citing an “irretrievable breakdown of their relationship,” according to court papers.

Aleida, 38, committed suicide the following April, taking a lethal drug cocktail, according to the Westchester County medical examiner’s office. Continue reading…

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Dating A Divorced Man

Avoiding dating a man because he’s divorced doesn’t hold much weight, if you think about it. We all carry around the baggage from past experiences and failed relationships. The fact that he has already seriously committed himself to another person should actually be a positive thing.

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Dating after divorce is tricky. If you haven’t been divorced yourself, you might worry that dating a someone who has means dating someone with baggage. Well newsflash — we’ve all got baggage, that’s just part of being human. If you’ve gone through a split yourself, you might worry that you both have been too badly burned before to give love the second shot it so rightly deserves.

It’s natural to be full of trepidation. But when you really look at it, dating a divorced man is in many respects an easier and better experience in the long run than dating a single guy who has never tied the knot before.

While it’s true that dating is rife with challenges no matter which way you slice it, spending time with one of these fellas actually has a lot of benefits. We spoke to a relationship expert and came up with a list of why dating a divorced man is one of the best things you can do to help your love life. Continue reading…

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Socialite Divorce Getting Uglier

Whitney St. John and James Fairchild were once a happy couple living it up in the Hamptons. Now they are divorced and still haggling over dividing up their joint property. The judge ordered an auction of their property as a result, and now they are both accusing each other of hiding assets from the court.

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St. John and Fairchild’s possessions were sold over the weekend in a high-end Estates NY tag sale at their Bridgehampton marital home, which raked in $350,000 on its first day, sources said. The Memorial Day weekend sale included more than 200 paintings plus cars, minks and furniture, and was ordered after the couple couldn’t agree on dividing up their possessions.

But St. John, who objected to the court-ordered sale, is being accused of holding back baubles valued at up to $300,000 retail, and Fairchild could seek to hold her in contempt.

“Whitney refused to hand over the jewelry for the sale,” a source sniffed, adding the sale would’ve reached $750,000 if it had included the jewelry. Continue reading…

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Billion Dollar Divorce Costs Russian Man Even More

A Russian billionaire and his wife divorced. His lawyers rejected a deal that would have settled the divorce for $1 billion. Now the woman has been granted over $4 billion by the divorce cut judge.

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The “fertilizer king” stepped in it big time.

Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev – who was just slapped with a record $4.8 billion divorce judgment – reneged on a deal to settle the case for a relatively-measly $1 billion last year, the Daily News has learned.

Lawyers for the fertilizer magnate and his beautiful blonde spouse Elena Rybolovleva, both 47, had worked out an agreement to end their high-stakes divorce case for a cool $1 billion last May, but the deal was scuttled when Rybolovlev’s moneymen said he couldn’t come up with the cash, documents show. Continue reading…

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Professional Pitcher Disabled With Elbow Injury

Noah Syndergaard had strong prospects in the major leagues with his pitching abilities. He was recently diagnosed with a flexor pronator strain in his right elbow, however. This injury has placed him on the disabled list until he can recover.

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Top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard has been placed on the disabled list and will be dispatched to New York for an examination with team doctors after being diagnosed with a flexor pronator strain in his right elbow.

The injury can be a precursor to Tommy John surgery, but the Mets portrayed the injury as “mild” and not overly concerning.

“At this point we don’t have a high level of concern,” general manager Sandy Alderson said Monday afternoon. “But anytime the forearm is involved we like to have it looked at. So we’re flying him back. He will be seen tomorrow and we’ll have further information at that time.”

Syndergaard, 21, had been 5-2 with a 4.02 ERA in 10 starts with Triple-A Las Vegas this season. He last pitched Wednesday. Continue reading…

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Interesting News In Dentistry

Dentist In Connecticut Has License Suspended

A Connecticut dentist has had his license suspended after a woman in his care died. She was having 20 teeth extracted when she became unresponsive, and now his actions are being called into question. The dentist, however, asserts he did everything he could for the woman.

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Conn. officials have suspended the license of an Enfield dentist after the death of a patient who was having 20 teeth extracted.

Dr. Rashmi Patel, who has offices in Torrington and Enfield, faces a June 18 hearing before the Connecticut State Dental Commission.

The state alleges Patel’s actions on February 17 led to the death of a 64-year-old female patient.

A report indicates that the patient was in the office to have several teeth extracted, bone grafting, and implants put in when she became unresponsive.

After CPR was administered at the office, the woman was taken to Baystate Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Continue reading…

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Dentist Moonlights As Equestrian Gymnast

A dentist in Edinburgh, Scotland has a very interesting hobby outside of work. The 25-year-old works on teeth four days a week, then spends the rest of her time doing gymnastics atop a horse.  She has already won two titles at the World Equestrian Games and is the favorite for this year’s tournament.

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Take one dentist, a catsuit, a horse and a barrel, and you have a world champion.

Four days a week, 25-year-old Joanne Eccles examines teeth in Kinross, north of Edinburgh. She spends the rest of her time clad in spandex, performing gymnastics on a horse.

Her sport? Vaulting.

The British rider is the favorite for August’s World Equestrian Games, having won world titles in 2010 and 2012.

“I’ve been vaulting since I was eight. After that, everything had to fit around it,” she says.

“I’m maybe not quite so enthusiastic about being a dentist, but I can earn a living and still get the most out of my vaulting.” Continue reading…

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IOC Reports Many Athletes With Dental Problems

The International Olympic Committee recently revealed that, despite their overall exceptional health, Olympic athletes often suffer from serious dental trouble.  Some reasons for these athletes’ poor dental hygiene have to do with their extreme training. Other reasons are financial – if they can make it to the Games, their care will be free.

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So why athletes? Why would people who pay so much attention to their bodies suffer the most from dental hygiene issues? Piccininni cites a laundry list of factors in Olympians’ daily regimens that are harming their teeth and gums.

Energy drinks, gels and bars—staples in the diets of endurance athletes—are among some of the chief culprits Piccininni counts as detrimental to gums and teeth. Sugary and acidic sports drinks are harmful and can accelerate tooth decay. Even sweating can cause dental problems, as dehydration slows the production of saliva, which aids in the regeneration of tooth enamel.

Part of the problem might also athletes’ financial situations. Continue reading…

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Dentist Paying Restitution For Fraud

A dentist in Beverly Hills was charged with insurance fraud and failure to pay taxes. He has since paid $786,000 in restitution. He pled no contest to charges that included filing false claims for emergency dental procedures that never took place.

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Kalili, 59, was arrested in May 2012 after a multi-year investigation by the state Department of Insurance, the Dental Board and the California Franchise Tax Board. He owned Beverly Hills Medical Suites.

Investigators accused him of submitting claims for services not rendered, mainly involving emergency dental procedures.

Kalili pleaded no contest and was sentenced to one year in Los Angeles County jail and five years of probation.

“This case is a significant success in our fight against healthcare fraud,” Jones said in a statement. “Not only is there one less bad actor on the streets, but those who were owed restitution received it.” Continue reading…

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Criminal Charges In The News

College Dropout Charged For Making Bomb Threats

A former student at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut is being charged with first degree threatening and falsely reporting an incident. She dropped out of school, but did not tell her mother. When her mother showed up to graduation, the student called in a bomb threat in an attempt to keep her mother from learning the truth.

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Hamden police said Shea left the college this year because of financial issues, including an unpaid tuition balance, but her mother continued to pay thousands of dollars she thought was for her daughter’s education.

“She was living off-campus. Her mother thought she was going to school,” Hamden police Capt. Ronald Smith said.

On graduation day, Shea’s mother tried to obtain a ticket for a ramp where relatives could take photographs of the graduates, but the registrar’s office told her Shea was not enrolled. Shea overheard the conversation, then stepped away and allegedly called in the firstbomb threat to try to cancel the ceremony, Smith said. Continue reading…

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Two High School Students Facing Criminal Charges

Two students from Weimer High School in Texas are being charged with aggravated robbery and burglary. The two boys allegedly tried to hold up a rest home with a BB gun. One of the students is the school’s football team’s quarterback.

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Juwan Lidell Almeida, 17, is charged with aggravated robbery and burglary. According to charging documents, Almeida went to the Parkview Manor Nursing home at 2 a.m. Friday armed with an Airsoft pistol and ordered employees to open the safe.

Before that could happen, a Weimar police patrol car pulled up to the home and Almeida allegedly fled. But investigators say he returned later that morning and told employees he was there to move the safe. He was arrested by Weimar police and Texas Rangers a short time later.

About an hour before the robbery attempt, Almeida allegedly burglarized a Texaco Station at 400 W. Main St in Weimar. About $25 in change was taken. Investigators say Almeida was driven to the service station by classmate Clemente Jose Mantica. He is charged in that burglary, and three others, including a break-in at Weimar High School the night before. Continue reading…

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Man Charged With Ongoing Criminal Conduct

A man from Clear Lake is being accused of stealing over $14,000 from a disabled man. He has been charged with ongoing criminal conduct, but has had several other charges dropped due to a plea bargain. He will serve five years probation and had his 25-year prison sentence suspended.

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He is to reside to Beje Clark Residential Center until maximum benefits are achieved, according to court records. Epsteen is to remain at the Cerro Gordo County Jail until bed space is available at Beje Clark.

Charges of first-degree theft, third-degree theft, unauthorized use of credit cards and a second count of ongoing criminal conduct were dismissed under a plea bargain.

That second count of ongoing criminal conduct, as well as the charges of third-degree theft and unauthorized use of credit cards, were filed in connection with the unauthorized use of a woman’s credit card. Continue reading…

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D.A.’s Arrest Leads To Criminal Investigation of Governor 

A district attorney in Texas was arrested for driving while intoxicated. She was given a plea deal, which she failed to keep. Governor Rick Perry got involved to help her, and now he is being investigated.

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Because Lehmberg (D) remained in her job, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) used his line-item veto authority to zero out appropriations for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit, a watchdog that investigates criminal activity in state government, including the governor’s office. Lehmberg, as district attorney, oversees that office.

“The person charged with ultimate responsibility of that unit has lost the public’s confidence,” Perry explained.  Yet as detailed in this Wall Street Journal report, some believe Perry’s move was illegal.  Texans for Public Justice claims Perry’s threat to veto the funds amounted to illegal coercion and bribery of a government official, and last month a grand jury was  impaneled to investigate the Governor’s actions.  Another report suggests some of Perry’s staff sought to pressure Lehmberg to resign and may have offered her a job if she would step aside. Continue reading…

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